Race experience and research over the last 4 years has resulted in the launch of this updated design of the 1000cc MAE head.

From the pics note the shape of the combustion chamber " The Westlake point" aiding swirl and burn capabilities.

The valves are completely unshrouded.

The combustion volume gives 12.0:1 with flat top pistons and without a major amount of metal removed from the head surface.

The cooling "bananas" are modified thus taking old gasket problems away.

It can be supplied with a choice of valves, - shown are 1.4" inlets and 1.25" exhausts (1.45" and 1.3" are available)

Both run with 9/32" stems/bronze guides.

Spring pressure is 90lbs on the seat and 210lbs open with an A8 cam.

All these heads are created from an original 105E casting which makes them street legal everywhere.

When complete all heads are vacuum resin impregnated for positive sealing and tested at 60psi with water at 80c.

Price £2495 plus VAT

cylinder head